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Admissions Process

下面的部分将指导您逐步完成申请过程. We want to make this process as simple and easy as possible for you.

为您的特定学生类型量身定制的应用说明,请查看 Apply by Student Type.

  Step 1: Complete an Admissions Application


There are two convenient ways to apply to our college:

Pay the application fee

The application fee is $25, non-refundable. Former student application fee is waived. You can make your payment online (if you apply online), in person, by mail, or by phone at 770-228-7275.

如果您对申请或招生有任何疑问,请随时发送电子邮件 or contact us at 770-228-7348.

High School Transcripts

To request your high school transcripts

  • Contact your high school or Board of Education.
  • Transcripts must be in a sealed envelope.
  • Many high schools use online transcript services. Check with your high school for more information.

To request Georgia High School Equivalency (GED®HiSET®, or CAREER PLUS HSE) Transcripts:

Out of State GED transcripts

Home School Programs


  • 年度进度报告或相当于在家上学学生三年级和四年级的最终成绩单;
  • 最后的进度报告或成绩单必须包括毕业日期.


  • 来自评估工具的官方分数满足大学规定的最低要求. These are SAT, ACT, PSAT, PreACT, or ACCUPLACER.
  • 成功完成12小时的大学课程,可获得官方大学成绩单上的学分.

College Transcripts

如果需要转学分,必须提交正式的大学成绩单, but college transcripts are not required for admission. 成绩单必须来自获得该成绩的大学.

About Our Testing Services

Note: 学生现在可以在没有SAT/ACT/Accuplacer或以下任何分数的情况下申请并被录取.

Students will now be required to have a 2.0 high school GPA for Regular admittance.


你的考试成绩可以帮助我们确保我们给你最好的成功机会. 佐治亚技术学院系统致力于帮助每个学生实现他们的最大潜力.

All students applying for diploma, degree, 在接受技术学院的学习计划之前,必须对证书课程进行评估.

We accept the following tests:

  • SAT
  • ACT/Pre-ACT
  • PSAT
  • 表9-10阅读成绩为461分或更高,数学成绩为442分或更高,可进入入门级劳动力证书课程
  • 表11/12 M和D级阅读501分,M和D级数学496分. A级阅读536分,A级数学537分.
  • Georgia Milestones Literature & Composition or Georgia Milestones American
  • Literature & Composition (English admission requirement only)
  • High School GPA of 2.0 or higher
  • 批准的入门级劳动力证书没有最低高中GPA要求
  • GED®数学或阅读必须达到用于放置任何证书的最低通过分数, diploma, or degree program
  • HiSET® Math, Reading, 语言艺术必须达到最低及格分数才能获得任何证书, diploma, or degree program.
  • 填妥的TCSG表格,证明两年的工作/职业相关经验,以获得批准的入门级劳动力证书
  • Accuplacer/Companion
  • Compass/Asset


All scores must be valid based on the program minimum requirements. 在重新入学之前,学生可能需要重新测试或提供可接受的转学课程.

如果你是前南新月的学生或就读于地区认可的机构, 完成大学英语或大学代数课程,成绩达到C或C以上, you are not required to take the ACCUPLACER test.

ACCUPLACER is a suite of tests that determines your knowledge in math, reading and writing as you prepare to enroll in college-level courses. ACCUPLACER用于确定您在每个学科领域的优势和劣势,并通过交互式在线学习工具帮助您提高技能. The results of the assessment, in conjunction with your goals and interests, 学术顾问是否利用你来选择合适的大学课程.

COMPANION 纸笔形式的考试适合那些选择不使用计算机考试的学生吗. 纸笔COMPANION测试被设计成与ACCUPLACER中的计算机自适应测试使用相同的评分标准.

For more information about testing, see our Testing Services page.

Griffin Campus:
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Henry County Center:
Jasper County Center:
Butts County Center:

Qualification for in-state tuition rates


  1. Verification of lawful presence in the United States (Citizenship)
  2. Proof of Georgia residency

Verification of Lawful Presence (Citizenship)

Effective January 1, 2012, 所有申请州内学费的学生必须提供在美国合法居留的证明. 以下文件将作为在美国合法居留的证明:

  • 2008年1月1日以后乔治亚州签发的驾照.
  • A current ID issued by the State of Georgia after January 1, 2008.
  • 任何有效的驾驶执照或身份证,从一个州证明合法存在于美国.S.

Note: See section 5 of the Admissions Policy page for details and full list of acceptable documents.

Proof of Georgia Residency (to qualify for in-state tuition rate)

To be classified as an in-state student for tuition purposes, 个人必须证明他/她在登记日期之前已经是格鲁吉亚的合法居民不少于12个月.


  • Georgia Driver’s License
  • Voter Registration card
  • Auto Registration
  • Georgia State Tax Form (GA 500 form- long form)
  • Utility Bill
  • Mortgage Agreement
  • Lease Agreement

Note: See Verification of Georgia Residency 详细信息和可接受的居住证明文件的完整列表.


Griffin Campus:
Admissions Office
501 Varsity Road
Griffin, GA 30223
Flint River Campus:
Admissions Office
1533 Highway 19 South
Thomaston, GA 30286

Complete the FAFSA

To receive any financial aid you must complete the FAFSA (

  • Southern Crescent’s School Code is: 005621

This application is required for the Pell Grant, HOPE Grant, HOPE Scholarship, Student Access Loan, and other financial assistance programs.


如果你想了解更多关于什么经济援助可能提供给你,请访问我们的 Financial Aid page.

Complete a ‘HOPE Scholarship Evaluation Request Form’


The request form is not available for completion online. 下载,打印并提交到任何韦德买球网站地点的注册办公室.

Application Tips

Payment Is Required

The application fee is $25, non-refundable. Former student application fee is waived. You can make your payment online (if you apply online), in person, by mail, or by phone at 770-228-7275..

Record Your Login Email & Password

When applying online, please do NOT create multiple Login IDs, as this will only delay the processing of your application.

Submit Official Transcripts

What "Official transcript" means: sent directly from the releasing institution by mail, 以电子成绩单或由释放机构亲手交付(未开封)的信封形式提供.

Admissions Office

Mailed transcripts should be sent to:

Southern Crescent Technical College
Griffin Campus
Office of Admissions
501 Varsity Road
Griffin, GA 30223

Southern Crescent Technical College
Flint River Campus
Office of Admissions
1533 Highway 19 South
Thomaston, GA 30286

All Campuses/Centers:

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